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Cotonsport of Garoua

The law of gravity states that; everything that goes up, must come down. Cotonsport of Garoua is starting to make people believe that the law has limitations.Cotonsport entered the big time in 1992, six years after they were created.
The Cotoners are on the back of a good campaign, and it is difficult to see another team swapping Kit’s with them (winning the league). Coach Bertin Ebwelle has added to his squad with several new signings, and they are prepared to fight the national and continental battle in the years to come.
With Names like Etta Bawak,Banga Bienvenu,Sanou Sibiri, Francis Elimbi, Aime Mangolo joining Cotonsport they seem very formidable for St least the domestic battle.

Current Champions, Cotonsport of Garoua

Big names like,Abouem Maya,Jean Joseph Kombous and last season top scorer,Marius Mouandilmadji leaving the club,others need to step up and fill their big boots.
Born in 1986 the club ran by president Fernand Sadou are under the guidance of Coach Ebwelle Ndinge Bertin who helped them to their 15th League title last season.

Eding Sport FC

Eding Sport football club was created in 2012 but it already seems like a lifetime in the top-tier.They topped the league in 2017, and are current holders of the Cameroon cup. Their non participation in the African competition in 2018 after winning the cup of Cameroon was due to an in-house brouhaha. Many believe it is a blessing rather than a curse though, as they are fresh and can fully concentrate on the league. There are arguably the closest team to Cotonsport as things stand.

Eding Sport FC recruited Song Che,Ndame Ndame, Bonnie Elame, Michael Song Che, Lukong Ahudu, Bright Mondoa amongst others.

UMS of Loum

Union mouvements sportive of Loum can try to sneak their way to the title, taking into consideration the fact that they have already been booted out of the CAF champions league and can now concentrate on the league.

UMS of Loum

Their most recent-past catches the eye as they won the coveted championship award in 2016.They have strengthened with Tamo Giresse,Romeo Yem Yem,Bertin Nguemaleu while letting Joseph Momasso go.
The boys of CEO Pierre Kwemo under the guidance of coach,Laurent Djam have an uncertain future especially because their CEO is incerrated.

Created in 2010 UMS have been a very reliable club since they got to the top flight.

New Stars of Douala

New stars of Douala automatically qualified to CAF places courtesy the court of arbitration’s outrageous wrath on Bambotous of Mbouda. With former captain (Etta Bawak) sold to rivals Cotonsport, top scorer,Alain Nandjou left for Bamboutos FC alongside Ako Harry,Nnouck Minka, Rostand Moukap -foward (Ngongang Figo) in doubts of remaining at the club, it is fair to say that New Stars would shake hands and fight more for continental football next year rather than the Elite 1 trophy. Their players should also be worn out with the several competitions they have nationally and internationally.

New Stars of Douala

They have lost a good number of good players;Last season’s top scorer,Alain Nandjou,captain Nnouck Minka,Ako Harry,Rostand Moukap,Epane Marius have all left the club.New Stars have secured the services of some good players for next season.Former Union Sportive Douala captain,Nken has been an important new signing just like Nelson Morkeu.

Rebaptized New Stars under president Faustin Domkeu in 2011,former Chantier Naval have Known more success since moving to Limbe 2 seasons ago.

YOSA Academy

YOSA of Bamenda

Yong Sports Academy of Bamenda have been rubbing shoulders with the very best, but lack that X factor to take them closer to the league title. The club is characterised by very fast beginnings, and just appear to take their foot off the gas pedal at the telling end. Hopefully, the signature of formidable goal-hunters in Ashu Tambe,Toko Toko Eric,Ngalame Clovis,Ndiforchu Bless helps their course this season.
The boys of president Yong Jacques are still under the guidance of long serving coach,Doumbe Bosso who is now president Yong Jacque’s trusted one.
Keeping names like;Mbong Lionel,Killah Gilbert,Ntube Kwalar,Dooh Mokoko makes YOSA a dark horse.
Created in 2004, YOSA has been one of the most consistent club’s in Cameroon in the last 6 seasons.

While others scramble for the league and CAF competitions, some are involved in the nasty dog fights at the death zone of the table

Avion Nkam FC

Avion of Nkam managed to win the MTN Elite 2 against all odds though we cannot say it was against the run of play.


Avion Nkam FC

The man that got them the goals,Aime Mangolo has parted ways with the club, and given the performances of the 2017 MTN Elite 2 champions, YAFOOT,it shows us that the winners of the Elite 2 title runs into stage fright when they meet the big boys in the big time.Whether Avion would get another player like the 33-year-old Aime Mongolo, is left to be seen. In this league, strikers are difficult to get, and a team without goals is as good as dead meat.
Keeping the title winning coach,Ina Ngassa plus names like Georges Bikele and Nzogue Desire may play a big part in their campaign.

President Pierre Batamak has a tougher job to keep his club in the big time but he knows football very well and what to do.

Unisport of Bafang

Winners of the top flight Championship in 1996, Unisport of Bafang were left licking their wounds when the season ended with them at the 16th spot. The team fought tooth and nail to salvage some pride off their season in the Cameroon cup, but crashed out at the semi’s. “One man’s misery is another’s delight”, as Bambotous suffered from “karma”, Unisport retained their status as a top-tier side. Very little has changed in the team, and they have been sluggish in the transfer market. Captain Bertin Nguemaleu,Antoine Ngueuleu and Forward Happi Noubissi have left the club but the recent appointment of former Cameroon international,Agbo Hans as replacement for long serving Serbian Sinisa Jokanovic could be a turning point.

Stade Renard of Melong

Stade Renard of Melong

Stade Renard of Melong managed to escape relegation with the skin of their teeth last season. Their 14th place finish was mostly attributed to their goal keeping gem in-between the woods and Captain Nkuissi Thomas. Stade Renard can not only rely on young goal keeper Tayiwoh Princewill to keep them up. Their pursuit of some big names in the summer didn’t materialize.

President,Jean Kuete opted to replace coach Augustine Tchoupo with former Fovu and Feutcheu boss,Souleymanou Aboubakar to give the club a better run. Christian Tchawa and Take Giresse have both left with 9 goals each last season but the club has made some good signings bringing in; Goalkeeper,Epane Letizi from Dragon Yaounde,Midfielder,Kwetat Dorcas from Fovu,Brice Sindjo and his 14 elite two goals reputation from Canon in the 2018 season.Left Back Epane Marius has also been brought in from New Stars of Douala.

PWD of Bamenda

New Comers PWD social club of Bamenda

After 15 years of absence in the top flight, the public works department social club of Bamenda is back. The glory of returning is passed and now is a matter of how long can they last?; most of their players have moved on, together tied with the fact that funding is a problem as most Camerooonian clubs rely on fans to bring in income. It is clear that their absence for such a long while acts to their disadvantage as they may not be able to keep up to the speed of the league.

Created in 1962,President Pascal Abunde has laid down a strong foundation on youths which is working well for the club under coach,Jean Baptiste Toguem who is a former player of the club.

AS Fortuna

As Fortuna punched above their weights to stay in the MTN Elite one last season, and they were one of the very few that defeated Cotonsport in Garoua. The 13th place finish last season could be reminiscent to the fact that they invested most of the money gotten from Andre Zambo’s transfer. Kick442.com believe they have enough to stay up.

Keeping coach Max Raymond Making is the best thing that happened to President Roger Noah’s club in the close season.

Dragon of Yaounde

For Dragon, it is life without the best striker in the league for the 2018 campaign. Junior Rostand powered Dragon to 11th last season, but without a shadow of doubt the club would take screenshots at the relegation this season but would just manage to keep away.They have brought in names like, Mohammed from best Stars Academy of Limbe.Thomas Libih Jnr also left the club for abroad.

Tonnere Kalara club 

Newly promoted TKC

Through to the MTN Elite 1 on their toes, after going ahead of fellow historic club Cannon.It is the first time in the big time for TKC since the 2014/2015 season.

The administration of the club seem to be putting same thinking caps as most of their players have been kept including last season’s top scorer,Yves Eloundou Tanguy and Top Keeper,Sylvain Abogo.

Created in 1933,TKC have won 5 league titles in their lifetime.It could have been more if not for rivals Canon and USD.

5 times Champions before,The club is tipped to be the surprise package of the season.Coach Aba Onana is still in charge of the team.

Union Sportive Douala

Union last won the Elite 1 in the 2011/12 campaign,which made it 5 successes since their creation in 1958. Since 2012 they have been conformably looking for mid-table places and have not done enough to produce something different this time around. Union Sportive Douala ended in the 7th spot last season and can only better that if they have an electric start of the season better than the last one.

Union Sportive of Douala

Coach love has been appointed to work with Coach,Daniel Wallindjom but there is no galiticos signing as in the good old days,Che Malon has joined the club from Continental and they are working on getting some Brazilians on board.

Astres of Douala

Created in 2002,Les Astres of Douala have been in the big time for quite a while with no positive story to write home about. Their 14th spot last season was indeed all they deserved. This season would be more of avoid the sinking of the ship than arrive destination.Its evident that they have not shown zeal to make life different from last season.Very quiet in the transfer market,they have acquired the services of unreliable,Christian Deugoue who scored 5 times last season for Bamboutos plus right back Yvan Djiessi from the same club and keeper Jourdain Mbaiynassem from cross town rivals,New Stars of Douala.Coach,
Nankam Olivier is still in charge of the troops of president Kandem Dieudonne.
Keeping guys like,Eric Enjenwi,Franck Djaleu,Armand Ngosso is their best business.

Fovu of Baham

Second season for Fovu since their return

Champions in 2000,Fovu Announced their coming back into the Elite 1 in style last season, sprinting directly to 5th place. If more industry is shown this time, then lovers of the Elite 1 may discover another ‘Cynderella’ story.President Kandem Dieudonne’s boys have had a very serene preparation.

They have succeeded to retain CAF champions league winning coach,Magloire Mfutila and top performers;Solomon Enounga,Brice Tchamabeu,Serge Ngayawou and landed the services of former YOSA defender, Arnaud Ziepop.
Created in 1978,Fovu under president Dieudonné Kandem is looking more serious than in the past.

Apejes of Mfou

Apejes of Mfou,biggest exporters of talents in the close season

Created in 2008,Apejes of Mfou will be entering their 6th top flight campaign and they have been very consistent I their time in the top division.Only once before have they been out of the top 5 at the end of a season.
President Leon Aime Nzang have given some big names since the end of last season.Franck Son,Nkembe Enow,Preston Taborteka,Yvan Mboudou,Yannick Yvan Gombo are some of the big boys that have left the club.
Coach Herman Oumarous Sokba have brought back Robert Tamatieu after 3 season’s away from Apejes.Apejes have always had good young players who step in and perform well so their silence in the transfer market may not signify failure.

Colombe Dja

Promoted to the top flight Championship two seasons ago alongside,Feutcheu FC and Stade Renard.
Colombe have built a reputation as last minutes sprinters surviving relegation threats through last minute sprints.
They have kept Coach, Charlemagne Mbongo but will not start life without Banga Bienvenue who was told “Bienvenue a Cotonsport” after he ended his 4 year stay with Colombe in November.Keeping Rostand Kako before the season begins may be a big factor for the future.
Created in 1953 president Maire Andre Noël Essian is now in charge as the club that has never Won the league in Cameroon seeks to have a better run in the race this time around. Keeping El Kass Pameli,Yves Rostand Ngangue and Djob Lidjoh and bringing in Mimong Donald from USD is also a huge move.

Feutcheu FC

Created in 2011 Feutcheu FC will enter their 3rd consecutive season in the top flight but will be without key men last term.Ashu Tambe Clevis has moved to Bamenda with his goals while Nguea Franckline Tchebemou has opted not to extend his contract with the club.
The club has secured the services of Coach,Richard Towa and Njorku Barnabas and some good young players including Ngwang Hans from Bang Bullets and Benga Williams from Best Stars Academy as president Joseph Feutcheu looks to build a stronger Unit.

There are reports suggesting Eding Sport FC VS YOSA will be the first fixture of the season at the Military stadium in Yaounde on Saturday 26.

Giovanni Wanneh & Angu Lesley