The CAF president (Ahmad Ahmad) graced his very first steps as president by increasing the African cup of nation’s to 24 teams. It wasn’t the announcement that came as a shocker, but the speed at Wich it came.

The European association of football (UEFA) had increased the number of teams to 24, but did theirs some four years before fully implementing in 2016. As a result of Ahmad’s utterances’ Cameroon lost her hosting rights of 2019 and there could be more trouble; Saadi Ben Amir, manager of Comoros island spoke on national television ” We are asking for application of rules, and more precisely article 92, that says any nation stripped of the hosting rights would not participate in the edition. The logic shows that Cameroon is to be kept aside in the qualifying rounds. If it finally happens, the run would be between Malawi and Comoros island”.

It is easy to see the reasons behind this speech; Comoros joined CAF Confederation in 2003, joined FIFA in 2005 and they have participated in two-mini competitions : Cosafa, and Indian Ocean Island games in their unenviable football history. Comoros island was drawn in a pretty ‘salty’ group including : Cameroon, Morocco and Malawi. They are fairing averagely well, holding Cameroon and Morocco to parity in their backyard. If CAF is to make a positive official statement about their complaints, then Comoros should be joining the likes of already qualified Madagascar and Mauritania for a bizarre, yet lot’s of story-writing Competition.
Giovanni Wanneh