Vice champions,UMS of Loum will for the second season in a row begin their season away from home and under Coach Laurent Djam this time around.

UMS face their tormentors last season,AS Fortuna that enjoys big games.

Parfait Edimo🇨🇲

Willy Namedji🇨🇲

Bertin Nguemaleu🇨🇲

Cedric Djomo🇨🇲

Cedric Ngah🇨🇲

Eric Ntieche🇨🇲

Desire Paul Zibi🇨🇲

Jean Nicolas Abanda🇨🇲

Nicolas Joel owono🇨🇲

Romeo Yem Yem🇨🇲

Francis Joel Tombi🇨🇲

Coach:Laurent Djam

FOURTUNA starting XI

Jean Daniel Nyeck(GK)🇨🇲

Luck Joel Owono🇨🇲

Louis Tazoh🇨🇲

Ignace Thierry Amougou🇨🇲

Fabrice Onguene🇨🇲

Michel Abomo🇨🇲

Stephane Memoli🇨🇲

Franklin Kouli🇨🇲

Marrion Frank Bombok🇨🇲

Fred Willy Bofia🇨🇲

Abdel Salam🇨🇲

Coach:Anatole Christian.

Joel Etogue has recovered enough to be on the bench while AS Fortuna introduces a New Coach.

Last season UMS of Loum dropped points at home and away to AS Fortuna as the boys of president Roger Noah introduced themselves in style in their first league one campaign.

Angu Lesley

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