Colombe of Dja football club was home and dry when they beat PWD of Bamenda 1-0 in an advanced League 1 fixture in day 11.

The thought of being jinxed or cursed at home can now be put to rest, as a goal from Patrick Bokagne was enough to see off coach Jean Baptist Tougem and his PWD side.

The last month has witnessed a rough turn of events for this Colombe side with the suspension of head coach, Mbongo and his goal keeping coach, together with the transfer of the club’s home ground.

The win now means Colombe of the Dja and Lobo is back to the playoffs contention in 5 position with 13 points, while awaiting what transpires in the crunching Douala derby between New stars of Douala and Union Sportive of Douala this coming Sunday.

The home victory is here finally, and everyone knew it was eventually going to come, but it looked never ending as the side were on a run of 5 with no wins but it’s finally done.