PWD players praying for victory against TKC

By Anye Nde Nsoh
Football Writer Cameroon

Never in recent times has there been a darker picture showing the next champion of Cameroon.

With seven games still to be played in the Cameroon Elite One championship, clubs battling for the top prize just seem to lack what it takes to go on a run of consecutive wins.

This has created suspense like never before. As the end draws near, more drama is expected.
Fans and club owners are anxiously waiting to see what the final outcome will be. But at the same time, they are playing their part to ensure they create the kind of end they dream of.

Amidst all of this, inconsistency is simply the best term to describe the results recorded by the contenders so far. One can easily say they are “consistently inconsistent”

Matchday 27 ended with PWD losing the lead they took in match-day 26. Their one nil victory over Dragon FC of Yaounde on match day 26 coupled with Cotonsport’s 2-1 defeat against Fovu of Baham and Colombe’s virgin game against APEJES Academy of Mfou put them at the top. But three days later, PWD lost to Bamboutos FC ,while Colombe drew against YOSA while Cotonsport defeated Fovu of Baham to return to the top of the table.This has been the story about the title race this season.

Colombe of Dja having skyrocketed from a difficult last season was topping the league table for a brief period is gradually falling off as they have grabbed just 2 points out of possible 12 points in the last four games.

A virgin tie against APEJES in day 26 and one all against YOSA in day 27 does not help their desire to be Champions.

With such inconsistencies, it is very difficult to predict who returns home with the trophy. Dissatisfaction fills the lips of fans from the North (Cotonsport), South Region ( Colombe), and the Northwest region (PWD).

A difference of one point has been the distinction line between the top three in the last three weeks.

The players most put in more efforts and somehow find the consistency ingredient to get this one over the line.

Whichever club finishes as champions this season will do so sweating and checking over her shoulders as there are signs there will be minimal difference between the first and the rest.

At the end of the day, it is difficult to distinguish between the contenders and the pretenders in what is turning out to a three-horse race.

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