Clarence Seedorf talking to the media

The head coach of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon has expressed his dissatisfaction with the decision from CAF to deny Cameroon the chance of replacing Joel Tagueu after the country’s Football Federation requested to do so.

Joel was declared unfit for the tournament by the medical staff of the Cameroon team after Dr William Ngatchu diagnosed a heart problem in the player.

“I think we have had the decision from CAF, but we are not satisfied with the decision. i want to put myself in all this legal issues,its not easy,we respect the decision but we are not satisfied with the decision.For now our position is that i don’t think we need to respect it,I think we need to go for it again,we hope there will be a change of position.We did everything we had to do,we made our complains 24 hours before the match and we still remain hopeful.What is an injury? its really open to different interpretation be it head,ribs or heart problem it prevents the player from playing,its only fair for CAF to allow us replace the player”

Cameroon beat Guinea Bissau by 2 goals to nil in their opening AFCON game and will first West African giants Ghana this Sunday in a clash of Nations with 9 AFCON titles so far.

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