By Oyediji Oluwaseun Babatunde
Sports Writer,

Togo home based football provisional team list for Cameroon 2020 Cup of African Nations (CHAN) has been released ahead of the tournament.

The team is made up of twenty six (26) players based in Togo. Gomido’s duo of Adjahli Moïse Adjahli and Messan Toudji made the list with four (4) players from Dyto also making the list.
Adry Kossi Agbeko, Agbozo Klousseh, Amekoudi Kokouvi Dodzi and Souley Idrissou Ridwane are representatives from Dyto.

ASCK has the largest number of players on the list with seven (7) players coming from the club on the list. Three (3) players represent Gbohloe-Su on the list. Other Togolese club players on the list includes players from As Otr, AS Togo Port, Unisport,
Maranatha and ASKO.

Togo qualified for the tournament after defeating last competition’s runners up, Nigeria 4-1 before losing the return leg 0-2 to qualify 4-3 on aggregate.

The team will play in Group C alongside Morocco, Rwanda, and Uganda.

The provisional team:

Adjahli Moïse Adjahli (Gomido), Adry Kossi Agbeko (Dyto), Agbozo Klousseh (Dyto), Ashraf Agoro (ASCK), Jarry Ahoro Kparo (Gbohloe-Su), Abdoul Moubarak Aigba (As Otr), Kwadjo Akakpo (AS Togo Port), Bilali Akoro (AS Otr), Amah Tchoutchoui Kangnivi (Gblohloe-Su), Amekoudi Kokouvi Dodzi (Dyto), Abdoul Sabourh Bode (ASCK), Djoyagbo Kodjovi (AS Otr), Gbenyo Komla (Gbohloe-Su), Gnama Akate (AS Togoport), Kossi Koudagba (ASCK), Richard Nane (ASCK), Olufade Kabir (Unisport), Ismael Ouro Agoro (ASCK), Jean Kossi Ozou (ASCK), Kossigan Salifou (Maranatha), Souley Idrissou Ridwane (Dyto), Hicham Tchadjobo (AS Togoport), Tchakei Marouf (ASKO), Semiou Tchatakora (ASCK), Messan Toudji (Gomido), Zonor Ayayi (AS Otr)

CHAN 2020 Groups:

A: Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Mali, Zimbabwe

B: Congo, DR Congo, Libya, Niger

C: Morocco, Rwanda, Togo, Uganda

D: Guinea, Namibia, Tanzania, Zambia.

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