CHAN 2020

By Giovanni Wanneh

Sports Writer, – Cameroon

The CHAN 2020 mascot’s name would remain as “Tara,” as per the decision taken by CHOCHAN – while the lady whose song was chosen as the official anthem was presented to the general public on Wednesday, January 15 – on the occasion of the CHAN 2020 gala night.

The African Nations Championship 2020 mascot has had it’s name maintained and design changed from that which was presented to the public in Yaounde on December 14, 2019.

Due to the whistle blowing and trumpet sounding for all the bad reasons after the presentation of the previous design of “Tara” by the local organisation committee (COCHAN,) on that famous Saturday, the minister of Sports and head of the local organising committee – Narcisse Mouelle Kombi heard the plea of the public and promised a change of design.

“Tara” this time is a little bit healthier than the previous one and looks more of a Lion, holding a ball with the left hand and a superhero cape on his back; (long piece of cloth that a crime-fighting character with super natural powers puts on).

Ihims Jane Marry, the lucky lady whose piece of musical art was selected, equally sang the song for the first time since selection.

The song titled “we are all champions” was sang by light-skinned epitome of beauty who hails from the Northwest and has been singing since childhood but only became a professional artist two years back. She told : “It was a great experience. I worked hard for it. I didn’t have much time, I must confess. God saw me through and am happy with the end result. I now know that hard work pays off.

CHAN 2020 song

Ihims closed the ceremony of the CHAN 2020 Gala night and had everyone singing from side to side while leaving the Hilton hotel, Yaounde. The CHAN draws would be done on February 17th.


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