Day 2 matches of the 2019 Center Regional championship will come up this Saturday June 1st in grounds across the Center Region.

The fixtures have been made as follows;

Fauves Azur vs Fondation Tafi

Accefoot vs Jeunesse stars

Black stars vs Salam

ICK vs Talents d’Afrique

Foudre vs Oxygène Fc

Eding SA vs Epta

Mbangassina Fc vs Masa

Nkufo Academy vs Fc Mbalmayo

Foty sport vs Celtic

Jeunesse d’obala vs Mfomakap

Green stars vs As Galaxy

Achille vs Soleil Academy

Arsenal vs Ouragan

Ahala Academy vs Mimosa

Cosmos vs Vent d’Etoudi

Jeunesse Academy vs Mazadje

Mercure vs Musango

Conquérants vs Sports études

Canon Young boys vs Afrika sport.

The League managed this days by president Saint Fabien Mvogo has been noted for producing champions who go on to represent the Region in style at the national Interpol.

Last year’s winners of the league,FAP is doing quite well in the second tier competition.

Angu Lesley

@AnguLesley on Twitter