It is almost inexplicable but F.C Nantes has given Cardiff 10 days to meet up with their agreed financial decisions concerning the transfer of 28 year old Argentine striker Emiliano Sala.

Sala joined Cardiff as a record signing from French club Nantes but never kicked a ball at the club.

Agreement is Agreement they say.As such Nantes is staying glued to that principle; business is business, no matter what goes wrong.
The 17 million € transfer record transfer fee Cardiff City had to pay for now late Sala must be paid.

The ‘Blue Birds’ are insisting that they would hold on to the money untill investigations are done on the sour incident that took away the life of the 28-year-old.

It is a little bit inappropriate for the two teams to have a dispute over the transfer of a player who died in a very sad circumstance, but the player put pen to paper for Cardiff and the deal was made official before he travelled back to say his goodbyes to his teammates and never returned to Cardiff.
These movements were done in a private helicopter given to him by Cardiff city.

The player barely even knew his new teammates. In fact, Sala didn’t get a kick of the ball in Cardiff City’s colours. Sad moments for both clubs, though close sources say F.C Nantes wishes to hand part of the fee to Sala’s family.

Giovanni Wanneh