The well oiled machine, MVP Cameroon medal winning officials are back in the land

The refereeing trio of Alioum Sidi Neant, Evarist Mekouande and Elvis Noupue arrived back home to a jubilant public, and were given a parade of honour with gold medals overlapping on their necks on Sunday, July 21st.

Cameroonian Referees arrive to a rousing reception

These 3 entered the land triumphantly after showing the continent and the world how good they master their arts, with telepathic, pitch of classic displays on how the whistle and the flags should be handled.

The trio started and ended the tournament in some style, though some ‘petite’ spat’s occurred, normally expected from fans and players on the loosing side nowadays.

Evariste Mekouande however, is dropping his flag after having been at 2 World Cups (2010/ 2014). The 45-year-old has equally officiated in 4 junior World Cups, 2008 Olympic games, 2 African champions league finals, 7 AFCON (2 finals), 2 Cameroon Cup finals, one Asian Nations Cup in Malaysia, 1 Confederations Cup. This father of 7 kids would subsequently become a CAF and FIFA instructor after a career of glitz and glamour.

Elvis Noupue 36, is a senior administrator at the Ministry of Public Contracts showed some eagle eyed displays in some games, notably the game pitting Tunisia against Madagascar.

Alioum Alioum on the other hand just seems to get started. Sidi became a FIFA referee some 11 years back (2008), and has since then referred 6 World Cups of different categories and 7 AFCON tournaments admits other competitions.

Referee Alioum Alioum had the responsibility from the center circle, and put aside every shadow of doubts of questions on his youthfulness. Alioum, 37, took charge of the opener between hosts Egypt and Zimbabwe, and also handled the jaw dropping finale between Senegal and Algeria.

Crowd welcomes Cameroon referees

Neant Sidi adds a little bit of swagger in what he does. He let’s the game flow, gives a blind eye to melodramatic move by players, and the love between himself and the whistle brings forth goosebumps.