Bang Bullets FC General Manager,Ndi Eugene

The long awaited general assembly of the Cameroon professional football league finally took place on Thursday February 28, 2019, with some of the participants describing the outcome as a happy end. The deliberations started on a slow pace, with the delegates present during the assembly finding it difficult to adopt the agenda of the general assembly. But when a breakthrough was found, things went on smoothly.

Deliberations extended to late in the night, with 12 resolutions arrived at the end. Some of the major resolutions included resolution number two, where the general assembly unanimously adopted the report of the president of the board of directors of the league. In the fifth resolution, the general assembly adopted a provisional budget of the league for the 2019 season, which stands at two billion, three hundred and eighteen million, two hundred and fifty thousand FCFA, witnessing a reduction of about 300 hundred million. The sixth resolution also fixed the salary of the president of the league, at two million FCFA per month. Other prominent resolutions include number 9, which states that the newly recruited personnel of the league as of November 2018 will benefit another three months of trails, at the end of which they will be evaluated. Resolution number 10 completely put an end to contracts of consultants at the league, while resolution number 11 saw the league handing 3 million FCFA to each club, instead of giving it to the equipment supplier company, Garman.

Most, if not all the actors left satisfied with the outcome of the general assembly, with the president of the Cameroon professional league, General Pierre Semengue saying that the debates were candid, and promised that they will now work hand in hand, in order to find more sponsors for the league.
One of the participants in the General assembly was the team manager of Bang Bullet FC of Nkambe, Ndi Eugene, who said “we had very contradictory but frank discussions in the hall and I think most of the issues raised have been handled. In fact it has been a happy end”.

The long standing conflict between the Syndicate of elite clubs of Cameroon, SYCEC, led to the late kick off of the 2019 championship, with the clubs demanding for a general assembly as a prerequisite. Though the league eventually started and is six playing days old before the general assembly was held, the president of SYCEC, Frank Happi thinks most of their concerns have been answered and is hoping that the administration of the league will continue with the same lane, to develop the game of football in the country.

The general assembly has come and gone, its now time for serious business to begin.

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