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By Muambo Edward

Football Writer,kick442.com Cameroon

Going by what we witness in the stadium every time Union Sportive of Douala and Avion of Nkam are playing, it will be logical to ask if these two clubs really have coaches or if the said so called coaches are not simply marionettes of their club presidents.

Coach Daniel Walindjoum of Union should definitely be playing a symbolic role with his club President Franck Happi constantly shouting on him and the players, repositioning them, asking for changes and even deciding on who takes free-kicks.

The same could be said of Nganbe David of Avion who is simply there to execute the choices of Pierre Batamak.

The noise and antics made by these club presidents on the stands doesn’t add to the spectacle, to say the least, it rather paints a primitive picture our football and constitute a serious nuisance to spectators.

It is not wrong to push your team to victory, but it’s better to do that in an honorable way and rightly.

If these teams record a series of bad results, it will be difficult to know who takes the blame, whether it will be the coached coaches or the coaching club presidents.

Some will quickly cite the vocal Lyon President Jean-Michel Aulas, forgetting to know that what he does is more on the media than on the stands on his coaching staff and players.

Union’s President Franck Happi for example is noted for avoiding the media completely each time his team suffers a loss.

It is honorable for the club Presidents to watch the games like gentlemen, go down to the dressing room during the half time break and make their views known to their coaches and players instead of shouting on them from start to finish in every game and disturbing other spectators by making a nuisance of themselves.

We respect the efforts and sacrifices made by these gentlemen to support the sports movement especially football in Cameroon, but it will not be too much to ask, if we plead for a little more professionalism from them, to make the spectacle more enjoyable.


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