UMS of Loum winners of the Cameroon League 1 championship in 2019

By Angu Lesley
Football Writer, Cameroon

1)Astres of Douala: Anicet Mbarga Foe has replaced Olivier Nankam.

2)APEJES of Mfou:
Oumarou Sokba has left
after eight years as Coach of the club. He has been replaced by Ndongo Emma Jean

3)Avion Academy:

4) Bamboutos FC of Mbouda:

Coach 🇨🇲 Laurent Djam has replaced Anicet Mbarga Foe as Coach of the club

New Signings:

In a nutshell Bamboutos FC can line up a new team of players acquired this transfer window.

🇨🇲Nlend Junior(Leopard Sportif) /
🇨🇲Kibyen Leonel(New Stars)


RB)🇨🇲Gael Eroume (Avion Academy)

LB) 🇨🇲Jeff Ngongang (Eding Sport de la Lakie)

CB)🇨🇲Ngombe Etame(Free Agent) /
🇨🇲Tchami Donatien (Leopards Sportif)

CB)🇨🇲Bayem Jacques (Morocco)

🇨🇲Yvan Martial (Defender, USD)


DMF)🇨🇲Aristide Medjo (New Stars of Douala)

AMF)🇨🇲Mark Ojong (Free Agent)
AMF)🇨🇲Hans Mbappe Muller (Leopard Sportif)


FW)🇨🇲 Arouna Dang (Free Agent)

FW) 🇨🇲Aime Mangolo (Cotonsport)

FW) 🇨🇲Kami Nyabeye (USD)

Forward: 🇨🇲Rostand Kako (Colombe Dja)

5)Canon Yaounde

New coach: 🇨🇲Stephane Ndzana.

New Signings:

🇨🇲Arsene Cyrille Ndanney-Forward (Egypt)

6)Colombe of Dja:

Head Coach-🇨🇲Gabriel Zabo

New Signings:

1) Christian Fack Bayokola (Forward, As Matelot)

🇨🇲 Georges Bikele Moussinga (Defender, Avion Academy)

🇨🇲 Julius Ategong, (Goalkeeper, PWD of Bamenda)

🇨🇲 Mario Bop A Bop (Defender) Racing of Bafoussam

🇨🇲 Emmanuel Bollo (Eding sport de la lekie)

🇨🇲 Oldono Mebenga, attaquant, (Dragon of Yaounde)

🇨🇲 Arsène Evouna Evouna (Goalkeeper , YAFOOT)

Sangally (Midfielder, AS Fortuna)

🇨🇲Junior Kaaba (Forward, YAFOOT)

🇨🇲 Raphaël Andy Dikongue (Forward, Poumie Academy)

🇨🇲 Elsi Ntsam Ndongo (Right Back, ICK Fondation)

🇨🇲 Kevin Nzokon (Midfielder , As Matelot)

🇨🇲Tita Mangwan (Forward, Continental football Academy)

🇨🇲 Benga (Central defender , Bamboutos of Mbouda)

7)Cotonsport of Garoua

Head Coach:🇨🇲Ndoumbe Bosso

New Signings:

🇨🇲Didier Yimga (Forward, Astres)

🇨🇲Pascal Mbarga
Abega(Midfielder, Eding Sport)

🇨🇲Tientcheu Marie Alphonse (Left back, Eding Sport)

🇨🇲Kamto Kamto Aurélien Junior (Midfielder, Unisport)

🇨🇲Yannick Ebongue (Forward, Feutcheu FC)

🇳🇬Sadiq Souleyman (Forward)

🇨🇲Marius Ngon A Tati(Forward, Astres)

8) Dragon of Yaounde

Head Coach-🇨🇲François Ngoumou

🇨🇲Foe Joseph (Djibouti)

🇨🇲Eluna (Guinea Equatoriale)

🇨🇲Eya (AS Etoa Meki)

🇨🇲Ngumbous (AS Etoa Meki)

🇨🇲Salah Ahmed (AS Etoa Meki)

Mbah (Jeunesse Ngoulemakong)

🇨🇲Nkotto (Fortuna/Colombe)

🇨🇲Bouyaga (Scout Universal)

🇨🇲Messobo (Scout Universal)

🇨🇲Angnegne (Green Star)

🇨🇲Belobo(Green Star)

🇨🇲Yannick Noah(Accinfoot)

🇨🇲Belobo(Green star)

🇨🇲Noa Ayissi Gérard Lionel (Canon sportif de Yaoundé)

🇨🇲Embo 2 Dimitri
(Newstars of Douala)

🇨🇲Mboma Adrien (Yong Sport of Bamenda)

9)Eding Sport de la Lakie

Head coach-🇨🇲Minkreo Birwe

New Signings:

🇨🇲Nkwetat Dorcas (Midfielder, Stade Renard)

🇨🇲Kache Boris (Forward,Little Foot FC)

🇨🇲Zacharie Ndongo Foe (Defender, Cotonsport)

🇨🇲Yves Alain Dooh Moukoko (Defender, YOSA)

10) Feutcheu FC

Head Coach:🇨🇲Guy Djienang

🇨🇲Mutia Evarestus(Forward, EEMSA)

🇨🇲Collins Maifanya (Goalkeeper, Astres)

11) Fovu of Baham

12) AS Fortuna

🇨🇲Yves Eloundou Tanguy (Forward, TKC)

🇨🇲Ze Tolo (Goalkeeper, Eding Sport)

🇨🇲Horphet Djotsi (Forward,Eding Sport)

🇨🇲Mbidi Ignace (Dragon Yaounde)

🇨🇲Junior Atememgue (Renaissance FC)

🇨🇲Leonel Mbida Ateba (Forward, AS Etoa Meki)

13) Panthère of Nde

🇨🇲Anye Derick Fru (Goalkeeper, Al Shoulla Club)

14) Stade Renard of Melong

Head Coach:🇨🇲Bertin Ebwelle

🇨🇲Alfred Meyong (Midfielder, Eding Sport de la Lakie)

🇨🇲Simo Berteau (Midfielder, Astres)

🇨🇲Christian Tchawa (Forward, Unisport)

🇨🇲Herve Ngono Eloundou (Forward, AS FAP)

🇨🇲Cedric Djomo (Goalkeeper, Bamboutos FC)

15) Union Sportive of Douala

Head Coach:🇨🇲Daniel Wallinjom

New Signings:

🇨🇲Anteh Frankline Akupia (Midfielder, Unisport)

🇨🇲Serge Andoulou (Defender, Cotonsport)

🇨🇲Innocent Assana Nah(Midfielder, Cotonsport)

🇨🇲Che Malon (Defender, Free Agent)

🇨🇲Francis Bailang (Midfielder, Eding Sport)

🇳🇪Serge Diguel (Goalkeeper, YOSA)

🇳🇪Romeo Otodjibaye (Midfielder, YOSA)

16) UMS of Loum

Head Coach:Newly contracted Charlemagne Mbongo.

New Signings:

🇨🇲Din Guillaume (Defender, Dragon)

🇨🇲Yannick Ebongue (Defender, APEJES)

🇨🇲Brice Owona Ngah (Forward, APEJES)

17)YOSA of Bamenda

Head Coach-Martin Nkabyo

🇨🇲Kelson Ebile (Forward, PWD Kumba)

🇨🇲Thierry Roland Ngalle (Midfielder, Free Agent)

18) PWD of Bamenda

Head Coach-🇨🇲David Dagou

One of the most active club in the transfer market has been New Stars of Douala but it’s unclear if they will keep their league one status in the upcoming season or not.

Below are some of the deals the club has done.

New head Coach-Mpondo Maurice

New Signings:

🇨🇲Joseph Momaso(Forward, Eding Sport)

🇨🇲Lionel Essono (Defender, Canon Yaounde)

🇨🇲Georges Belamo (Midfielder, Unisport)

🇨🇲Jean Oscar Kalati (Goalkeeper, Avion Nkam)

🇨🇲Bilong Gérard (Midfielder, Progresso de Luanda)

🇨🇲Manga Mbah Carlain (Defender/Midfielder, Free Agent)

🇨🇲Koupit Mani Serge (Defender, Eding Sport)

🇨🇲Ola Ola Yannick( Forward, Free Agent)

🇨🇲Ndame Ndame Andre (Midfielder, Free Agent)

With the players registration period closing in on it’s end and clubs rounding up preparations for the new season, it is safe to say much will not change before the Leagues expected kick off date of 18 October 2019.

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