Astres of Douala Starting XI against Leopard

By Angu Lesley

Football Writer, Cameroon.

The Cameroon Transitional Technical Committee League 2 will resume with its first fixtures for 2020.

Leaders AS FAP of Yaounde are exempted from match day 14.

Their exemption from action may open doors for second place YAFOOT FC who face new look Fauve Azur Elite.

YAFOOT FC go into the fixture on an unprecedented run of four consecutive wins while Fauve Azur under newly appointed Hermann Oumarou Sokba begin life without Joseph Monthe and with hopes of winning for the first time in five games.

It is the second of two games in Mbankomo.

Earlier in the day, AS Matelots begin life without coach Fang James against in-form Renaissance FC.

Renaissance FC on a run of three consecutive wins host AS Matelots in coach Kouahawa Joseph Victor’s debut in the Matelots dugout.

Foncha Street FC take their problems to Foumbot where they will confront stubborn Unisport of Bafang in the early kick off.

Later in the day, out of form sides Racing of Bafoussam clash with fellow strugglers, the later are winless in six. A change of manager hasn’t help Leopard find form.

Astres returned to winning ways with a 2-1 in match-day 14 and look to build on that against Ngaoundere FC who equally ended their winless run in match-day 14. Both sides will be in search of points  on Sunday at the Municipal Stadium in Edea.

Stade Bertoua stay home to host Dynamo of Douala at the Municipal Stadium in Bertoua.

Full Fixtures:

Saturday 04/01/2020.

Municipal Stadium in Bertoua
3:00 PM

Stade Bertoua Vs Dynamo of Douala

CAF Excellence in Mbankomo


Renaissance FC Ngoumou Vs AS Matelots


YAFOOT FC Vs Fauve Azur Elite

Municipal Stadium in Foumbot

1:00 PM

Unisport of Bafang Vs Foncha Street FC


Racing Bafoussam Vs Leopard Club Douala.

Sunday 05/01/2020.

At Municipal Stadium in Edea.

3:00 PM

Les Astres FC Vs Ngaoundere FC

AS FAP and OFTA of Kribi are exempted in this round of fixtures.

Previous results: Match-day 13.

Foncha Street 0-2 YAFOOT FC

AS FAP 1-0 Stade of Bertoua

Matelots 1-2 OFTA

Fauve Azur 0-0 Unisport

Ngaoundere FC 2-0 Racing Bafoussam

Astres 2-1 Leopards

Unofficial classification table after Match-day 13

1) AS FAP 20 pts
2) YAFOOT 19 pts
3) OFTA 17 pts

4) Ngaoundere FC 17 pts
5) Renaissance 15 pts
6) Astres 14 pts
7) Unisport 14 pts
8) Stade Bertoua 13 pts
9) Racing 12 pts
10) AS Matelots 12 pts
11) Dynamo FC 11 pts
12) Leopard 10 pts
13) FAUVE AZUR 10 pts
14) Foncha Street 9 pts
15) New Stars FC


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