Round three games in the 2018/2019 League 2 games have been observed on Tuesday and Wednesday with the following Results.

Group A


A.S Matelots 1-0 A.S Etoa Meki


A.S FAP 3-0 Dynamo

Wednesday 13 February 2019

Panthere Sportive 1 -0 Bang Bullet FC

Group B


Renaissance 0-0 Bamboutos


YAFOOT FC 0 -1 Leopard

Wednesday 13 February 2019

Lion Blesse 1- 0 OFTA

Racing of Baffousam 0-0 Aigle Royal of Menoua.

In all the 7 games produced just 7 goals with FAP forward Frederick E. being the man of this round of fixtures following his hat trick against Dynamo to keep his club’s 100% record.
Bamboutos FC, dropped points against Renaissance Ngoumou in virgin Tie while Racing and Aigle recorded their 3rd and second Draws respectively.

The next round of games comes up this weekend

Angu Lesley.
@angulesley on Twitter