Boum Soumlaga’s Hatrick in round 6 have carried him up to the second position in the scorers classification table.

Etoumbang has already scored a hat trick this season and the former Fovu and Colombe man’s record of 5 goals in 5 games is quite impressive

Here is a lists of the top scorers so far;

1)Frederick Etoumbang      (AS FAP)         5 Goals

2) Boum Auguste Soumlaga  (Panthere Nde)  4 Goals

3) Eloundou  Ngono Herve     (AS FAP)    3 Goals

4) Hans Muller Mbappe        (Leopards)      3 Goals

5) Armel Nguene                (Renaissance FC)   3 Goals

6)Tagne Wabo                   (Racing Bafoussam) 2 Goals

7)Youssouf Arji                  (OFTA Kribi)   2 Goals

8) Philipe Essama Bengono   (Panthere Nde)  2 goals

9) Bickeck Banen Cedric William    (AS FAP)   2 Goals

10)Junior Kaaba                (YAFOOT FC)  2 Goals.

Last season Aime Gerard Mangolo scored 20 times to win the Golden Boot taking over from Abate Lionel.

Midweek fixtures  begin on Tuesday and goals will cause changes in this chart.


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