Astres FC of Douala

By Giovanni Wanneh

Sports Writer, – Cameroon

It is now official that the three time league 1 runners-up Astres Football Club of Douala will play top-flight football next season, despite the outcome of the ongoing league 2 campaign.

The announcement was made public by the head of the Technical Transitional Committee, Alim Aboubakar Konate on Thursday 16th, but this proclamation might just be very tempting one for the Brazilians of Bepanda.

The 2007 CAF Confederation Cup semifinalists would continue to play their games in League 2, which brought up the question of match fixing scandals.

Aboubakar Konate’s side was clear on the issue raised – “If someone is caught in match fixing, she would face the law. We are careful with that situation because it can make our competition lose credibility.”

“Astres are equally aware. If we start to see that there is a run of defeats then we’d come in. From what am seeing now, there is no call for concern because they are first in the league 2.”

Having made his stand clear, Alim Konate thinks Astres FC’s president Charles Kamdem knows better than putting his reputation at risk: “we have spoken to their president, and he is a honourable man who wouldn’t want to jeopardise his position in the country with such scandals. Match fixing has no space in our game. As a matter of fact, it is one of the things FIFA is equally trying to eradicate.”

Astres FC won their legal battle to stay in the Cameroon League 1 but it was deemed too late by the Technical Transitional Committee for the team to head back to action in the League 1. Any glimmer of match fixing could see Astres FC stay in the inferior League.


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