Lion Blesse of Fortuni


The last day of play for the play off relegation matches in the Cameroon league 2 was characterised by lots of wins. Some teams remain in the league while others have been demoted.

At the Limbe Omnisport stadium, Yafoot suffered a 2-0 victory from Aigle Royal of Menoua. Though defeated, Yafoot remains in league 2 with 8 points as Aigle Royal slightly missed the opportunity to remain and have been sent packing with 7points to their name.

At the Middle Farms stadium, it was a similar scenario between Lion Blessé and Dynamo club of Yaounde. Dynamo moved away with a 2-0 victory against Lion Blessé to remain in league 2.

The less scoring game of the day took place in the Limbe cetenary stadium beating Bang Bullet of Nkambe and AS ETOA of Meki. ETOA snached three points from Bang Bullet thanks to a 1-0 score line situation at 90 minutes.

Complete results of the day

Yafoot 0-2 Aigle
Lion Blessé 0-2 Dynamo
Bang Bullet 0-1 ETOA Meki

Maintained teams

Dynamo (8 points)
YAFOOT (8 points)
ETOA Meki (7 points)


Aigle (7points)
Lion Blessé (6 points)
Bang Bullet (2 points)

Mangek Promise Ngum