Arsene Evouna

Goalkeeper Arsene Evouna of YAFOOT FC has been selected to keep goal after his excellent performance against Bang Bullets FC in Limbe,Evouna made 4 crucial saves to keep Bang Bullets far away from the joy of scoring thus earning him a place in the team.

Left Back Yannick Onombock of YAFOOT FC was also outstanding in his role in the same game stopping must of the runs in his wing.

He won 67% of his duels, put in 2 crosses over 90 minutes and was booked in the game.
He joins a back four with Excellent Victor Emmanuel Mooh of Bamboutos who’s team also kept a clean sheet just like his defensive partner Romauld Ndzana of Canon Yaounde.

AS FAP’s right back Guy Bertrand Dinga complete the back four.


Stephane Ndjock of Lion Blessé of Fortuni had an excellent day at work against Aigle Royal in Limbe,he punctured all good things made by the Aigle midfied on the day. He is joined by attacking Midfielders Anaba Patrick of Lion Blessé and Ulrich Pange Lobe of Bamboutos FC.

Pange had a great output for Bamboutos against Renaissance while Anaba was effective for Lion Blessé and even scored his 6th goal of the season.


Ngwa Constantine and his Bang Bullets side may have been beaten by YAFOOT FC in Limbe but “Cutgarri” as he was named be fans who kept on chanting the name in the course of the game was a menace to the YAFOOT FC right sided defensive position.

He completed 7 take-ons and put in 6 crosses over the course of 90 minutes. His recovery and defensive contribution in the game was also excellent.

He is partnered upfront by Yannick Wambo of Canon Yaounde and Frederick Etoumbang of FAP of the same City.Both players scored in this round of matches.

Coach Samuel Noufessi of Canon Yaounde gets the duty to manage the team after helping Canon beat Leopards by 1 goal to nil in round 4 of the playoffs.

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