Bamboutos FC of Mbouda have punished Lion Blesse of Fortuni by 2 goals to zero in the opening game of round 6.

All 3 clubs that played at home registered a comfortable win with Bang Bullets FC winning by a nil scored will Panthère Nde got 5 in a 7 goals thriller against AS Etoa Meki.

Pool A

Tuesday February 26

Bang Bullets 2-0 AS Matelots

Panthere 5-2 Etoa Meki


Military stadium

Canon vs Matelots

Pool B

Tuesday 26/02/2019

Bamboutos 2-0
Lion Blesse

Wednesday 27/02/2019

Edea Municipal Stadium

Leopards vs Racing

Stade Annex Yaounde

3:30 PM
Renaissance vs OFTA

Mfou Municipal Stadium

YAFOOT vs Aigle Royal

The rest of the games come up on Wednesday in grounds across the country.


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