Colombe of Dja’s problems in Ebolowa continued on Sunday as they were beaten by bottom side TKC thanks to a Gregoire Nkama goal while PWD, Feutcheu FC and YOSA all won to end their winless run.

Pool A

New Stars 2-2 Avion Nkam

Ariatide Medjo,Ze Honore /Zambo Sedrick,Mfegue George

Colombe 0-1 Tonnerre

Gael Gregoire Nkama

PWD 1-0 Dragon

Kenneth Edet

APEJES 1-1 Cotonsport

Ngondi/Gueme Araina

Araina scored his second League goal this season coming off the bench

Exempt: Union

Pool B

Feutcheu 2-1 Astres

Nelle Albert x2/ Ngon Marius

Unisport 0-0 Eding Sport

Fovu 0-2 UMS

Willy Nnameji,Ngah Frederic

Nnameji scored his third goal of the season.

YOSA 1-0 Renard

Brandon Moukete

Exempt: Fortuna