Union Sportive Douala Starting XI against PWD


Two teams that are usually fighting for top of the league are involved in a heated fight to stay in the division this Sunday.


Union sportive of Douala are going to play their first game in this playoffs battle after their appeal was overruled by the homologation committee earlier this weak. A win for USD will give them an upper hand given that they still have a game in hand against Unisport. It is simplier for Astres. After their 1 to nil win against Fovu of Baham, the men of Olivier Nankam are poised to get those straight A’s (run of victories), to save themselves as early as possible. A win for Astres would mean they need just one other victory to reach that magic 9 points mark which assures the club of safety. The game is a littoral derby which comes along with bragging rights, the winner of this game will sure rule the littoral and the city of Douala for the meantime.

Last time out

These two have been stepping on the pitch and trying to hurt each other for decades-in their last 10 games Astres have gone ahead to pick maximum points 3 times while USD have picked up all 3, in two occasions in their last 10-they have been separated on a parity basis 5 times within that time.

USD 3-1 Astres
Astres 2-2 USD

Astres 0-0 USD
USD 1-0 Astres

Astres 1-1 USD
Union 2-2 Astres

USD 1-2 Astres
Astres 0-0 USD

Union 0-1 Astres
Astres 2-1 Union

These two are meeting for the very first time this season-given they were slatted into different groups during the regular season.

Recent form

Astres of Douala have won one game from their previous 5, in that time the Elite 1 runners-up of the 2010/11 campaign have lost 2 against to tough oppositions now playing in the ‘play up’s’

Astres 1-0 Fovu
Astres 0-1 Feutcheu
YOSA 0-0 Astres
Astres 1-1 Fortuna
UMS 1-0 Astres

Astres’s win Against Fovu in match day one of the ‘play down’s ‘ now means they are in control of their destiny.

It is a sorry situation that USD are facing. The team replaced Avion of Nkam after receiving the sledgehammer of the homologation and they would have to better the run in their last 5 if the club does not want to reach her demise

Coton 1-0 USD
USD 0-0 Apejes
Dragon 0-0 USD
USD 0-0 Avion
Union 3-0 Colombe

players to watch

Union’s problems are down to the goal droughts faced by the forwards. Hopefully, the coming back to fitness of captain Nlend Samuel, who sat out the last few games of the squad, revitalizes the attack line. The defense compartment of the NASAWARA GAMAKAI have conceded just 1 goal in the last five, so eyes should be fixed on John Efufa from the left, and Cedric Sighe from the right; these two combined have played over one thousand, four hundred and fourty minutes through out this season.

Astres would depend on go-to-guy, Bassama Ntsole who almost singlehandedly gave the ‘Brazilians’ of Bepanda all three points in their last game against Fovu, not forgetting Michael Siloh who has played virtually all the games this season, providing that important cover for his back four.