Colombe planned and brought down Avion in Limbe with coach Mbongo in the Stands( images)

Union Sportive of Douala and Colombe of Dja are the only winners so far in 7 round 8 League 1 games,the 1 nil wins for both clubs against Cotonsport and Avion Nkam respectively was a perfect Sunday gift for their fans.

In the 7 games played so far,10 goals have been scored with 1 home win for USD and 1 away win for Colombe while the other games ended in a parity scored.

The Full results.

Avion Nkam 0-1 Colombe

Ferrent Ango

Unisport 1-1 Fortuna

Terence Ngakam(Pen)/ Luc Joel Owona Noah

Eding 1-1 Stade Renard

Ako Assomo(Pen)/ Yann Same Same

Same’s goal was his second of the season after he opened his Stade Renard account against Astres in Limbe while Ako got his 3rd goal.

Fovu 1-1 Feutcheu

Ngan Rudolph/ Kameni

Rudolph scored his second goal of the season after scoring in the last round against YOSA.

Astres 1-1 YOSA

Jose Sandjo(Pen)/ Randy Kwalar

Tonnere 0-0 PWD

Union Sportive 1-0 Cotonsport

Cyrille Tchayi Tchamba

Tchayi got his 3rd goal of the season and his 13th goal for USD since joining them in the buildup to the 2018 season from Botafogo.


Dragon 1-3 APEJES Mfou.

Ekollo Malolo,Jean Jude Etelle,Roche Foning Tazoh/ Robert Armand Tamatieu

Ekollo Malolo got his 5th goal of the season and he has so far done better than last season.


USD’s win takes them 3 points clear of Cotonsport at the top of the league one table in Pool A while Colombe got their second win in Limbe this season.

Unisport scored against Fortuna for their very first goal in the league in after over 1100 minutes of Football ending a run of 12 games with a goal.

USD picked up just their 4th win against Cotonsport in previous 22 games while Stade Renard picked their first point against Eding Sport FC in Yaounde. has gathered from its sources at the League’s management body that the next round of matches come up this weekend.

Angu Lesley