By Angu Lesley
Sports Writer, Cameroon.

Hansi Mbappe Muller was the man of matchday one, he scored a goal in either half on debut.
He is the only player on two goals while 22 other players scored the other 22 goals.

Hansi Mbappe Muller (Bamboutos FC) -2 Goals (Bamboutos FC)

Hampo Dangmo- 1 Goal (Colombe)

Christian Bayokolack -1 Goal (Colombe Dja)

Rene Ndi-1 GOAL (Bamboutos FC)

Ulrich Pange Lobe-1 GOAL (Bamboutos FC)

Achille Namekong-1 Goal (Bamboutos FC)

Ondoa Emmanuel-1 Goal (Panthère Nde)

Rudolph Koukisango-1 Goal (Fovu)

William Mukwelle-1 Goal (Fovu)

Raphaël Mbida-1 Goal (TKC)

Samuel Nlend – 1 Goal (USD)

Jacques Etelle- 1 Goal (Dragon)

Makembe Fernandinho-1 Goal (Dragon)

Abanke Eric-1 Goal (YOSA)

Randy Ntube Kwalar-1 Goal (YOSA)

Tamo Giresse-1 GOAL (Stade Renard)

Djodnang Joel-1 Goal (Cotonsport)

Ebene Kelvin-1 Goal (Feutcheu)

Alphonse Kevine Assiga-1 Goal (Canon)

Julien Patrice-1 Goal (Canon)

Jean Caristan Kanga-1 Goal(Canon)

Fongang Alfred-1 Goal (UMS)

Bonnie Elame-1 Goal (Eding Sport de la Lakie)

The tables will certainly change in match-day two.


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