Round 5 games were quite interesting but unfortunately for lovers of goals ended with just 7 goals from 7 games.

AS Fortuna forced YOSA accept their first defeat of the season.

Avion Nkam also picked up an impressive 1 nil win over USD.

Avion Academy and AS Fortuna won at home while Dragon Yaounde best TKC as an away team in Yaounde.

In all so far there has been 2 home wins,1 away win and 4 draws in 7 of 8 matches in this round of fixtures.

The game pitting Apejes to New Stars of Douala failed to take place.


Avion Academy 1-0 Union Sportive

Aime Mounet

Mounet has scored in successive games and this goal was his 3rd this season.

Colombe 0-0 Cotonsport

TKC 1-2 Dragon

Geal Gregoire Nkama/ Ekollo Malolo,Vincent Ngondji

Ekollo Malolo scored his second goal of the season.

APEJES vs New Stars (postponed) is reporting that the game was called because two team of officials came to officiate the same game.


Feutcheu 0-0 Unisport

Astres 1-1 Stade Renard.

Christian Deugoue/Jean Same

Former UMS and Bamboutos striker, Deugoue scored his second goal since joining Astres before the start of this season.

Jean Same’s goal made him the first player to score from open play for Stade Renard this season.

Fortuna 1-0 YOSA

Victor Ndzie Nnomo

The former YAFOOT forward scored his first goal for Fortuna and scored the first goal against YOSA this season.

UMS 0-0 Eding Sport FC

The games Apejes vs New Stars will be played after the refereeing issue has been sorted out

Unofficial Classication Table

Pool A

Cotonsport 8 pts
Avion Academy 8 pts
Dragon. 7pts
Union Sportive 7 pts
Colombe 5 pts
APEJES 4 pts
PWD 4 pts
TKC 4 pts
New Stars 4 pts

pool B

Stade Renard 8 pts
Astres. 7 pts
YOSA. 7 pts
UMS. 6 pts
Feutcheu. 6 pts
Fovu. 5 pts
Fortuna. 5 pts
Eding. 3 pts
Unisport. 3 pts

Round 6 matches

Wednesday 27/02/2019

Ebolowa Nkoovos

Colombe vs Apejes

Limbe Cetenary stadium


Union Sportive vs Dragon Yaounde

YOSA Stadium


PWD Bamenda vs Avion Academy

Ngeme Omnisport Stadium

New Stars vs Cotonsport

Pool B

Bafoussam Municipal Stadium


Fovu vs Fortuna

Middle Farms Stadium

Astres vs UMS Loum

Melong Municipal Stadium


Stade Renard vs Unisport

YOSA Stadium


YOSA vs Feutcheu FC

This games will be followed by another set of weekend matches.

Angu Lesley

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