Matches Counting for the fourth day of play in the ongoing league 1 campaign will take place this Sunday as follows;

Pole A

1:30 p.m

Ebolowa municipal stadium of Nko’ovos

Colombe of Dja and Lobo – Union Sportive of Douala

Limbe Centenary Stadium

3:30 p.m

New Stars of Douala – PWD of Bamenda

Coton Sport Stadium Garoua

3:30 p.m

Coton Sport – Dragon club of Yaounde

Omnisport Annex Stadium number

3:30 p.m

TKC SAOS of Yaounde – Avion Academy of Douala

Pole B

Sunday 17 February 2019

Melong Municipal Stadium

3:30 p.m

Unisport of Haut Nkam – Astres F.C of Douala

Military Stadium Yaounde

3:30 p.m

Eding Sport – A.s Fortuna of Mfou

Bafoussam Omnisport Stadium

3:30 p.m

Fovu club – Stade Renard of Melong

Yong Sports Academy Stadium Bamenda

2:00 p.m

Yosa of Bamenda – UMS of Loum