UMS of Loum have gained control of the elite one title race after edging Stade Renard 1-0 to record two victories in two playoffs games; the only elite one club to have done so since the beginning of the playoff.

Title holders Coton Sport of Garoua had a slip-up against APEJES Mfou who held the champions to a 1-1 draw. This implies they are now second with 4 points behind first places UMS with 6 points.

Dragon also got a good start on Sunday with a slim 1-0 victory over Feutcheu. They complete the trio of the top three. Feutcheu lost her second match which implies they are still to get a point.

Relegation Playoffs
New Stars of Douala are drowning in relegation. They fell to Fovu 1-2 and are first from the buttom with 0 points.

Union edged Astre 1-0 in the Littoral derby . A win for Astre will have secured a top spot at the relegation playoff table necessary for survival.

PWD and Unisport seperated goalless in Limbe . Despite the draw, the Bamenda side are top of the table and gradually shifting away from the drop zone.

Complete Day Two Results and Standings
Apejes 1-1 Coton
Feutcheu 0-1 Dragon
Renard 0-1 Ums

New star 1-2 Fovu
Astres 0-1 Union
Unisport 0-0 Pwd

1- Ums 6 points
2- Coton 4 points
3- Dragon 3 points
4- Apejes 2 points
5- Renard 1 point
6- Feutcheu 0 point

Relegation Playoff
1- Pwd 4 points
2- Union 3 points (-1 match)
3- Astres 3 points
4- Fovu 3 points
5- Unisport 1 point (-1 match)
6- New star 0 point

Beng Emmanuel