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Sports Writer, – Cameroon


In the Cameroon league 1, While most fans take delight in the glory that covers goalscoring, and rightly so, goalkeepers do their part in-between the sticks and gain points for their teams courtesy saves and clean sheets.

After 3 match days here are the most dominant goalkeepers in the Cameroon professional league;

Souleman Souleman *2

The Cameroon under-23 shot stopper missed out on the league opener but since having made his comeback, the former Bang Bullet FC goalkeeper has kept 2 successive clean sheets against Avion Academy and TKC.

Goals conceded -0.

Anye Derick *2

Having made his return during the October transfer window from Al Shoula club, Anye Derick has been brilliant in the early stages of the Cameroon league 1 with scintillating performances against Apejes on the opening match day, and equally against Cotonsport on match day 3.

Goals conceded -0.

Descharles Cherry Minko *2

AS Fortuna are known for their resilience at the back, and, Descharles Minko has gone ahead to make his backline almost invincible. The goalkeeper has kept a clean sheet against that dreaded Bamboutos attack and Stade Renard of Melong.

Goals conceded -0.

Ekolle Essembe *2

The first choice goalkeeper of Fovu club of Baham, Ekolle Essembe is making a name for himself after lining up two clean sheets against Eding Sport and Dragon of Yaounde.

Goals conceded -1.

Goal conceded against TKC

Ghislain Medouga (USD)

Ghislain Medouga became the undisputed number one after Emile Lako left the club at the end of last season and he is making good work of it. He kept a clean sheet against TKC on match day 2.

Goals conceded -5.

Three against Bamboutos

Two against Dragon

Kibyien Lionel (Bamboutos)

There have been talks of how deadly Bamboutos of Mbouda can be on the front foot but goal keeper Lionel Kibiem cannot be overlooked. The former New Stars keeper kept a clean sheet in zero all tie with AS Fortuna, in Limbe.

Goals conceded -2.

Two goals against Colombe

Yindui Mohamed (Dragon)

Yindui Mohamed has a herculean task to fit in the boots of Hashu Kerido, and he isn’t faring in the worst possible manner. The young goalie kept a precious clean sheet in that winner against league one holders UMS of Loum.

Goals conceded -2.

One against USD

One against Fovu

Gabin Baba (AVION)

The Avion goalkeeper kept a precious clean sheet in Loum against UMS, which is no easy feat to go by.

Goals conceded -5.

Three against Canon

Two against Colombe

Raymond Sikadi (TKC)

Raymond Sikadi came in on match day 3 to replace Sylvain Abogo. Ironically, Sikadi did what the current Cameroon under-23 goalkeeper Sylvain Abogo couldn’t do in two games; keeping a clean sheet.

Goals conceded -0.

James Bienvenu Desire (Canon)

The Canon of Yaounde goalkeeper kept a clean sheet on match day 1 against Avion Academy.

Goals conceded -5.

Three against Stade Renard

Two against PWD of Bamenda

Simon Omossola (Cotonsport)

The Cameroon under-23 first choice goalie played his first game of the season against Panthere and succeeded in keeping the Panthere attack at bay

Goals conceded -0.

Dande Junior (Apejes)

Arguably the best thing that happened to UMS in their title winning campaign last season, Dande Junior has gotten off the mark with a clean sheet this season against YOSA.

Goals conceded -2.

One against Feutcheu

One against Panthere


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