Kemajou Junior scored his 3rd goal of the season while Akoh Calistus and Moussingue Rene scored their second goals of the season to earn the rights to be classified I the top 16.

1- Victor Mengue🇨🇲(Fovu) : 4 Goals

-Kamilou Daouda🇳🇪: (Cotonsport) 4 Goals

2-Willy Stephane Nnameji🇨🇲:(UMS) 3 Goals

Konyuy Jude🇨🇲:(PWD) 3 goals

Aime Mounet🇨🇲(Avion Academy) 3 Goals

Ekollo Malolo🇨🇲:(Dragon) 3 Goals

Kemajou Junior 🇨🇲(New Stars) 3 Goals

3- Junior Lionel Bandga🇨🇲: (Colombe) 2 Goals

Aime Gerard Mangolo🇨🇲(Cotonsport) 2 Goals

Arnold Zambo🇨🇲:(Avion Nkam) 2 Goals

Christian Deugoue 🇨🇲 (Astres) 2 Goals

Brice Owona🇨🇲 (APEJES) : 2 Goals

Valentine Beo 🇨🇲:(Eding Sport FC) 2 Goals

Tchayi Cyrille Tchamba🇨🇲 (USD) 2 Goals

Anjeh Akoh Calistus🇨🇲 (APEJES) 2 Goals

Moussingue Rene🇨🇲 (Colombe) 2 Goals

So far,59 different players have scored just 1 goal and in all 75 players have scored in the league so far.


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