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Veteran Striker, Kamilou Daouda moved to the join top position this weekend when he scored his 4th goal in 3 games this season to equal Willy Nnameji’s run of scoring in 3 consecutive games this season.

Daouda and Konyuy Jude are the only two players in the top 10 scorers chart who moved upwards while Cyrille Tchamba of USD and Kemajou Junior came into the top of the chart after scoring thier second goals of the season.

1- Victor Mengue🇨🇲(Fovu) : 4 Goals

-Kamilou Daouda🇳🇪: (Cotonsport) 4 Goals

2-Willy Stephane Nnameji🇨🇲:(UMS) 3 Goals

Konyuy Jude🇨🇲:(PWD) 3 goals

3- Junior Lionel Bandga🇨🇲: (Colombe) 2 Goals

Aime Gerard Mangolo🇨🇲(Cotonsport) 2 Goals

Arnold Zambo🇨🇲:(Avion Nkam) 2 Goals

Ekollo Malolo🇨🇲:(Dragon) 2 Goals

Brice Owona🇨🇲 (APEJES) : 2 Goals

Valentine Beo 🇨🇲:(Eding Sport FC) 2 Goals

Kemajou Junior 🇨🇲(New Stars) 2 Goals

Tchayi Cyrille Tchamba🇨🇲 (USD) 2 Goals

So far,48 different players have scored just 1 goal.

Cotonsport is the Best Attacking team so far with 10 Goals scored in 2 games while Unisport of Bafang are the poorest in front of Goal with no Goal scored in 3 games.

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