Second season for Fovu since their return

By Giovanni Wanneh

Sports Writer, – Cameroon

Fovu are off to a winning start after leapfrogging Tonnerre
Kalara club by 2-1 in match day 1 of the Cameroon professional league on Sunday.

These 2 sides had a contrast in fortunes last season; TKC slightly missed out on the championship playoff, while Fovu narrowly escaped relegation.

The game took place at the Kouekong stadium in Bafoussam and it didn’t take long before Fovu drew first blood at the 7th minute, courtesy of their second highest goal scorer last season, Rudolph Koukisango.

Just before the 45 minute mark William Mukwelle extended tally for Fovu to 2-0.

The much changed TKC side got nothing more than a consolation goal at the 83rd minute when former Bang Bullet FC of Nkambe man – Raphael Mbida scored.

This defeat puts TKC immediately into difficulty given that their bitter rivals Canon won their first game with a handsome scoreline. Fovu are noted for quick starts; a Victor Mengue hat-trick led them to a 3-1 victory over Astres of Douala in the opening day of last season.


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