AS Fortuna's President Roger Noah

The CEO of struggling AS Fortuna of Mfou, Roger Noah has threatened to quit football in Cameroon if officiating doesn’t improve in the domestic championship.

Roger Noah hinted last Sunday in Melong that he could leave football because officiating in matches involving his club have so far been biased against them.

“I am bringing this to the attention of everybody,once again we were frustrated by the referees,they came to stop us from playing; I strongly doubt if I can continue Football in this condition.We have had some great moments as a country and it’s time the match officials realized that others are making progress around the world.They are some good ones amongst them but Mr Nseng knows he can do better than what he did today.The commission in charge of designation of referees at the level of CAF recently took a decision that could have been a lesson for others. If I must put resources in this game, then this aspect must be looked into”. president Noah told reporters

Referee, Nseng Luc was in charge of the game and president Noah’s declaration was the subject of debate on Tuesday in a special program to promote local football on Spectrum Television, Cameroon .

The start to the season has not been all hitch free for referees in the League One Championship; The captain of UMS, Joel Etogue, made a disturbing remarks to the media on referees that handled the game pitting Unisport and UMS Loum in Melong. Coach, Ebwelle Bertin of Cotonsport also made a similar observation on the refereeing of the game New Stars vs Cotonsport in Limbe. The case of the penalty call that didn’t go the way of PWD Bamenda against TKC is another scenerio which club officials have decried.

Created in the year, 2000, AS Fortuna, are in their second campaign in the top flight of Cameroon Football. The outfit is currently occupy the 6th spot in a group of 9 clubs after 8 first round games this season.

The commission in-charge of designating referees have always picked referees with expectation of honesty in discharging their duties, but this has not been the case in games that concern AS Fortuna”. Roger Noah lamented


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