APEJES and New Stars Players Walking into the Pitch

To be fair to these two teams (Apejes/Renard) very few people saw them getting into this stage given the bigger names the football loving population would have named ahead of these two: USD, Eding, YOSA and New stars.


Apejes and Renard are still to discover how life at the top level is tricky. The both teams would be looking at each other and thinking “we need to win this” given the quality of the other opponent’s when matched player for player. The winner of this game might just be able to sneak into the lead before the other 5 matches; other game’s are very difficult to call and the first match day should have parities.

Head to Head

This is the first time Apejes is facing Stade Renard of melong this campaign. Apejes have won 3 of the last 4 games since 2017

Stade Renard 2-0 Apejes
Apejes 2-0 Renard

Apejes 2-1 Renard
Stade Renard 0-1 Apejes

Stade Renard and Apejes finished 2nd and 3rd in their respective group’s, better than the 15th place for Renard and the 12th position for Apejes in the 2018 campaign. Apejes of Mfou finished last campaign on 44 points, good enough for mid-table while Renard only managed to stay up with 42 points.

Recent form

Stade Renard of Melong just proved ruthless to teams in group B from the very start. Their last 5 was characterized by 2 wins and 3 draws

Stade Renard 1-0 Fovu
Stade Renard 1-0 Astres
Unisport 0-0 Stade Renard
Stade Renard 1-1 Eding
Stade Renard 0-0 YOSA

Coach Souleyman is one of the nominee’s for the best coach, and rightly so because of the exceptional job done, turning a team from fighting relegation to now fighting for the coveted Elite 1.

2016 Cameroon cup winners Apejes of Mfou began in a slow pace, picked it up midway into the season, and then lost their grip at the end but the mid season masterclass was enough to see them through to the playoffs. Beneath is a report card of their last 5

New stars 0-0 Apejes
Apejes 1-0 Colombe
USD 0-0 Apejes
Apejes 1-3 Dragon
Coton 3-0 Apejes

Players to watch

Giresse Tamo Tinwo is a star striker in the league though his off the field ‘madness’ has limited him to just 1 goal this season, he would have weights on his shoulders to perform in this one.

Jean Same Same is counting for 2 goals in the club, and would surely sparkle.

There are lot’s of player’s to watch for Apejes but topping that chart is midfield metronome, Tamatieu Robert who is not an out-an-out striker but he has contributed 3 already to his team.