APEJES and New Stars Players Walking into the Pitch


5 of the 6 promotion and relegation Playoffs matches program last weekend in the Cameroon league have been observed with the following interesting statistics recorded.

1) Cotonsport registered their first away win of the season by inflicting a 1 nil defeat on Feutcheu FC

2)PWD of Bamenda beat New Stars by 3 goals to two,it is the second time the Abakwa Boys have had all match points against New Stars this season.

3)PWD of Bamenda scored 3 goals in a league one game for the first time in 15 years.

Feutcheu’s 1 nil defeat to Cotonsport of Garoua was just their 3rd defeat of the season only Stade Renard of Melong with 2 defeats have lost fewer games this season.

4) Nkuissi Thomas Legrand got Stade Renard’s equalizer against APEJES in Yaounde.The goal is the central defenders 4th in the last two seasons.The other goals have come against Astres and Dragon last season plus Fovu this season. Doh Alain Moukoko of YOSA is the only center back with more goals in that time (5 Goals)

5) Cotonsport’s Arnaud Sibiri scored Cotonsport lone goal against Feutcheu FC extending his scoring run to 5 games.

Dragon’s 1 nil defeat to UMS was their 5th this term

6) APEJES’ draw against Stade Was the club’s 6th draw this season

7) APEJES’ goal against Stade Renard made them the 7th club to breach the best defense in the league this season,only UMS have scored twice against Stade Renard this term.

8)Stade Renard of Melong played out a draw against APEJES,it was the 8th time the Melong boys have shared the spoils with an opponent this season.

Stade Renard of Melong conceded a goal for the 8th time this campaign but their defense line still remains the best in the league.

9)Stade Renard of Melong extended their unbeaten run to 9 games this season.

10)In all 10 goals have been scored so far in 10 day one matches

11)Stade Renard scored for the 11th ocassion this season.

The next round of matches came up this Sunday in Limbe and Yaounde.

Angu Lesley
@AnguLesley on Twitter