New Comers PWD social club of Bamenda
In life Some memories are just too difficult to erase”Memories of PWD’s painful defeat to Dynamo of Douala in the 1979 cup of Cameroon final remains in the minds of the ”P Ton Ton”faithful.

This Sunday’s elite 2 fixture in Bamenda between 2nd placed PWD and bottom side Dynamo of Douala is a remake of the 1979 cup of Cameroon final which brings back memories of how close PWD of Bamenda came to winning the 1979 cup of Cameroon and how Dynamo Douala of the then president Mbous Paul Morand shattered PWD’s dream allegedly with the aid of the then “Enemy in the house” Epesse.Dynamo thrashed 3-1 PWD in Yaoundé to become champions of the cup of Cameroon.

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Arguable one of the best PWD side assembled by the then PWD president, Ni John Fru Ndi with names like;Dr Ekwe,Tabi George,Ngo Franklin Mokube, Moliki Wasso Louis,Tambe, Maranga, Goalkeeper Agwa Ayukegba enjoyed a wonderful ride to that year’s final played before president Ahmadou Ahidjo, minister Felix Tonye Mbog and the then FECAFOOT boss Titi Gothlieb.

This generation of PWD players were simply exceptional and had a fairytale run to the final,guided by coach Evaristus Joko. PWD Defeated Second tier side Kohi Maroua in the 16th finals, Crucified Etoile Filante of Garoua 7-0 at the 8th finals,continued their demolition work in 1/4 finals, Edging a brilliant Tonnerre side 1-0 in Douala and Shocked reigning African champions and cup holders CANON to a 2-1 in Douala.
On that faithful day, Abega opened scores for Canon, PWD equalised through Mokube and Ngo Frankline got the match winner for PWD in extra time.

PWD faced Dynamo in the final and surprisingly lost against Dynamo by 3 goals to 1.

It was so disappointing to many of the clubs fans that memories of that match has not fade away especially because back in Bamenda there were stories of a PWD sell out by Epesse, a Bassa player in the ranks of PWD in those days.

Many are those PWD Bamenda followers who till this day hold the opinion that captain Njee and Dynamo’s marksman Yetna (voted Guinness “man of the match”) won the game for Dynamo because while PWD was in camp at Sacred Heart college ahead of the 1979 Cup final, Epesse collected the footprints of PWD players and passed over to Dynamo officials.

How footprints can be collected is difficult to understand.
However it alleged that Epesse swept the dust on the trail of each of his PWD team mates and handed to Dynamo, a team from his area of origin.

This is why till this day, whenever a player in the English extraction of Cameroon performs poorly in a football game, he is described as “Epesse”

PWD of Coach Jean Baptiste Toguem and forward Dhobit Clovis have registered 5 wins and 2 draws in 7 league games this season. Facing a Dynamo side that have registered1 win in 7 games plus 2 draws. It’s either life be made harder for Dynamo in Bamenda this weekend or history is repeated.

Angu Lesley

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