The closing ceremony of the 60th anniversary of the Cameroon cup is gradually coming to an end and these two clubs have named a pretty strong and exciting side’s to go after each other with malicious intent. For FAP, these 11 would go from the on set;

1, Yannick Epane Epane
4, Thomas Legrand
2, Steve Roberto
12, Guy Baronet Tchahou
8, Yvan Thierry Aloukou
11, Bienvenu Mbith
19, Jules Hyppolite THIO
17, Luc Rodrigue Batoum
3, Auguste Ledoux
15, Pacomes Nidjio
13, Aristide Jordan

Coach Aboubakar Souleymanou

The shocker might be former YOSA player, Tamo Giresse Tinwo sitting this one out.

For FAP Yaounde, the team has made several changes to the one that whitewashed Etoa Meki 4-1 in the semi’s. In-between the sticks to the front line are;

1, Christian Aristide Mbebe
13, Federick Batamack
15, Alinga Abdoulaye
3, Guy Bertrand Dinga
4, Martial Boris Mbarga
6,Bernard Evina Christian
8, Achille MBA
10, Frederick Etoumbang
2, Michel Assako
7, Christian Adonix
12, Emmanuel Che

Coach Djeumfa Alain has regained his place as the head coach after the FIFA Women’s world cup in France with the Lionesses.