33 year old Mbatcha Eric,is the winner of the 2019 Mount Cameroon Race of Hope.

He crossed the finish line in the 24th edition after 4 hours and 40 minutes.

It is the third time Eric is picking up the crown of the Champion in the race after previous wins in 2011 and 2014.

The Nkambe boy who had a 10 weeks practice at the Mount Nkongsamba under the guidance of his French coach Angelin Gregory.

Eric didn’t participate in the 2018 edition but came  strong this year though he unfortunately could not beat his record of beat his record time, he back’s home a gross amount of 10 million FCFA before tax same with the first female Athlete.

Alim Mohammadu finished second to Eric and he is the only Athlete in the top 3 who is still to win the Mount Cameroon Race of Hope.

Last year’s winner, Godlove Gatsibuin finished in the third spot

2019 Classication of top 5 male Athletes

1) Mbatcha Eric
2)Alim Mohammadu
3) Godlove Gatsibuin
4)Simplice Ndonge
5)Essombe Lyonga

Serah Etonge’s son Essombe Lyonga finished 5th.

Tata Carine Runner up in 2017 and winner in 2018,Tata Carine was the first Woman to return to the tarred road and she kept her pace and after 5 Hours 28 minute of continues running.

Tata Carine is therefore the winner of the female category of the 24th edition of the Month Cameroon Race of hope.

21 year old Tata Carine won the race last year and so keeps her crown with her second success in 2019 while 2014 and 2017 winner Ngalim Lizette finished in the second spot while Ngalim’s sister and 7 times champion Ngwaya Yvonne finished.

2019 Top 3 female Athletes

1)Tata Carine (From Donga Mantung, Born on the 8th July 1998 )

2)Ngalim Lizette (From Bui, Born on the 14th July 1988)

3) Ngwaya Yvonne (From Bui, Born on the 5th of December 1988)

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