Boxing was first practiced in ancient Greece,and it got many amateurs. The game is included in Olympic games in Athens.

Boxers of ancient Rome wore cestus, a metal-studded leather hand covering with which they maimed and even killed their rivals .

After the collapse of the Roman empire, the popularity of the game declined.

The Olympic sport will only be give a new phase in the 18th century in London.

This time around competitors fought for money.

James Figg was the boxer to be recognized by heavyweight champion in 1719.

By 1743 another sensational champion mounted the stage by name John Broughton.

The champion formulated pioneer laws to govern the of them was that”players were not to hit opponents when they are down or seizing opponents by the hair”.
Under Boughton’s laws a boxer was considered beaten if he fails to square off to an opponent.

It is under the same law that the game was divided into three rounds and matches were to take place in a roped-in square called “ring” measuring 24ft(7.3m) on a side.
Broughton rules existed till 1838.

Prize Ring rules were set up in 1853 to govern the game and they lasted till the 19th century.
The laws were drafted by john Graham chambers ,an 1857 boxer.
The laws prohibited bare-fisted ,fighting, wrestling and other malpractices in the sport.

American born John Sullivan is the last bare-knuckle heavy weight champion. He won the fight against Jake kilrain in 1889.

Since 1892, the Queenshery rules have been the solo laws governing professional boxing.

While boxing is set to have hit target in most developed countries, in emerging nations new talents are stiil been discovered.
So far, Issa HAMZA and Wilfred SEYI are counted amongst Cameroon’s excellent boxers that have existed.

Nkenyi Romeo.