This encounter has already gained popularity in the nation and many people have likened it to the David and Goliath biblical allusion. But on the second thought, who is David and who is Goliath? A.s Fortuna ended in a great position last season, though UMS has always also been in a greater position since creation; from 2011 till date, they can boast of the 2015 Cameroon cup, and the ultimate Elite 1 title in 2016.

Coming back to “who is the David and who is the Goliath question”?, A.S Fortuna beat UMS Of Loum last season; from home (2-1), and on the travels (0-1) taking 6 out of a possible 6, as a matter of fact, A.S Fortuna played the whole season, and no team in the top four could take 6 points out of them; they beat Coton in one leg, beat Bamboutos, UMS, and separated on a zero all tie with New stars.Rather, Fortuna did not do her homework with fellow relegation threatened teams.

In the opening game of last season, the both teams lost; A.S Fortuna was welcomed into the big time with a defeat to Unisport of Bafang, while UMS lost to Dragon Of Yaounde, though UMS Of Loum gained grounds and finally ended the season with 55 points and second place, while Fortuna ended the season 15 points worst; 42 points and thirteenth place finish.

From the two angles, one can definitely tell they would be goals in this one, especially with the blistering form coach Jules Noubisi and the lads have shown against the big boys.

The game has been slatted for today Sunday the 3rd of February, 2019, from 2:30 Central African time.

Giovanni Wanneh.