The head Coach of the Under 17 Lions of Cameroon, Thomas Libih I currently in camp with 30 Under 17 Lions as they continue the second phase of preparation for the for an upcoming tournament to run from March 1 to 10 this year and their category’s AFCON to follow from April 14 to 28 2019.

Manfred and Nestor are the two products of the ever productive Best Stars squad.

Ekoi Manfred (Best Star)

Mbeupap Jacques Bruno (Ecole de Foot des Brasseries)

Ousmanou Ilyassou (AS

Toupass Ngono André Junior (AS Azur)


Bere Laounbo François Benjamin (Oyili FC)

Ndzie Mazena Fabrice (Fondation Tafi)

Ze Essono Séraphin Junior (AC Ahala)

Nang Toni Wilfried (AS Ngueng)

Hamaoua Ndiba (Oyili FC)

Zom A Zom Ludovic (Oyili FC)

Ngolna Patrice (AS Milet)

Paul Logbayong Hans (Vogt AC)

Nyong Maxime Loïc (Titanic FC)

Ngatchou Kamtchouang Ricky (AS Fortuna)

Ndzie Abanda Jordan Brandon (FC Lumière 1990)

Amadou Daouda (Oyili FC)

Dibongue Kingue Gaël (AS Milet)

Nelson Jean Baptiste (Ecole de Football des Brasseries)

Seidou Ismaël (International)

Alioum Moubarak (Sahel FC)

Medou Belle Marc Franck (APEJES)

Ben Hamed Ndongo (Dauphine FC)

Mintongo Mpal Arc-en-Ciel (Nkufo FC)

Atapong Loîc (AS Star)

Mvoue Rgis Stève (Azur Star)

Etoga Loïc (AC Ahala)

Otia Nestor (Best Star)


Ibrahima Fahat Badarou (AJSC)

Manyanock Stéphane (AS GAB)

Wamba Djouffo Léonel (AS Menoua)

The previous generation of this Category of Lions failed to impress in the 2017 tournament in Gabon,Coach Thomas Libih and his boss are expected to do better.

Angu Lesley

@angulesley on Twitter