Rio de Janeiro in Brazil is the birth place of beach soccer also known as beach football or beasal. this follows the first official tournament organised in Brazilian coastal city in 1950 aimed at uniting small neighborhood tourneys that had been ongoing there since 1940.

As time evolved, laws of the game started existing especially in 1992 and that year another exciting game took place in Brazil.

In 1993 the first professional beach soccer competition was organised at the miami beach with the participation of USA, Brazil Argentina and Italy. It is in 1994 that Television channels started being interested in the game,especially in Brazil.

The first pro-beach soccer tour was developed in 1996 by a Barcelona based soccer company. Two years later the game became so famous in the continent and nations began investing in the infrastructural aspect of the sport.

Beach soccer is played in about 170 countries worldwide today and it has imposed it’s authority in 75 countries within the 6 FIFA confederation zones.

With the setting up of the Euro beach soccer league “EBS”, the game has produced sensational actors athletes like Spanishmen like Michel and Julio Salinas, Frenchman Eric cantona.

Brazil has also produced great players in the discipline like Romario,junior and zico.

The rise of these exciting armada of players elevated the level of sponsorship of the game, with many companies and media organs embracing the art.

Beach soccer integrated the FIFA family in 2005, with the first ever FIFA beach world cup played in Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro Brazil.

France defeated Portugal in the final while hot favorite Brazil ended at the semis.

The game is very popular in Brazil because the sun,the sea and the sand of the Copacabana beach have made the scenery for the creation of the beach soccer, a sport of plasticity, aerial plays ,spectacular dribbles and goals interesting. The country is also a renowned country in football.

Dubai organised the FIFA beach world cup in 2009 in a 5000 stadium jammed to capacity .

Brazil beat Switzerland in the final to win the trophy 4 times in a row.

Africa is progressively have great romance with the game, with many countries like Nigeria, Cameroon,south Africa and Senegal all having beaches developing the game.

Landlocked countries are still contemplating on how to go about with the sport.

Nkenyi Romeo

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