Former assistant coach of the indomitable Lions of Basketball told CRTV’s Njie Enow Ebai on Sports Razzmatazz that players were imposed on him by the Cameroon Basketball Federation (FECABASKET) during his tenure.

Cameroon is beginning to bring forth in a quicker pace Euro Basket stars as well as NBA (National Basketball Association) winners but for a complete metamorphose of the game, more has to be invested and such corrupt, malpractices completely ousted.

The latest FIBA African championship that the Basketball Lions participated in, they were ranked 5. That was in 2017, in the Afro Basket competition that was hosted by Senegal and Tunisia. Jean Claude Ntep was an assistant by then and his confession on National radio goes a long way to explain the Lion’s poor showing.

This revelations could not come at a better time. Cameroon is one of the most gifted countries in Africa when it gets to matters of the court and the rim along side other countries like: Angola, Nigeria, Tunisia and Senegal to name a few but are still to win a gold medal in a major basketball competition of any sort. Their best performance in an Afro basket competition came back in 2007 when they won silver.