FIBA Africa , which is the African zone of the world governing basketball body (FIBA), controls basketball in all 54 countries.

FIBA Africa, was founded in 1961, following a FIBA Congress held on August, 30 and 31,1960 that permitted the Egyptian basketball federation to set up an institution for competitions.
FIBA Africa’s headquarters are in Cairo, Egypt and Abidjan, ivory coast.
The structure takes care of two main basketball tournaments today and many others.among which features afrobasket and FIBA clubs champions principally for national teams.
The NBA” national basketball association “in the USA has given aid to the structure several times to boost the practice of the game on the continent.
Basketball without border is a youth activity program that is ongoing in the continent since 2016, with objective, giving a new impetus to the sport.
Cameroon,Nigeria, Senegal, Ghana, Morocco and Egypt are counted among though nuts basketball nations on the globe.
Some of these countries have produced prolific players in the discipline ,with many plying their trade in the NBA.

Nkenyi Romeo.