Former President of the Normalisation committee of the Cameroon Football Federation Dieudonne Happi has been elected the vice president of the CAF Governance Commission on a 4 year mandate.

The celebrated Cameroonian legal mind mind who Masterminded the restoration of a steady body at the Cameroon Football Federation earlier this year will be vice to Michel Brizoua.

CAF president Ahmad Ahmad announced their elections this Thursday morning at Marriott hotel in Cairo where the 41st General Assembly of CAF was taking place.

Speaking to the media after his appointment:

“I think we have been elected to improve the moral integrity of CAF and help implementation of good governance and independence at CAF.

“At the Continental level when you get this kind of recognition it is a great pleasure, especially knowing that we were unanimously elected.

“Before now CAF did not have a a governance commission and you know one of the biggest problem Africa faces is the governance problem, so a lot is expected of us given that me and my president will have set up the different commissions. We would do everything to realize this within our four 4 year mandate, we want to Come up with a text that everyone will have to respect for the good of our Continent”. Barrister Happi added.

The legal mind and his president will henceforth be at the service of CAF as the rebuilding progress begins.