At the age of 21, Bambe Ndanra Alfred Faisal can brag of winning many national and international trophies in his so cherished game of volleyball.

Born on August, 08,1998 in Garoua north region of Cameroon , Bambe is currently the captain of Efoulan volleyball club of Yaounde.

He has been in the team for eight years now and his prowess coupled with his morphology has been an added advantage for the outfit.

With the Yaounde based volleyball squad, the 2nd year student at the Yaounde advanced school of public works has won two international trophies, with the latest in December 2018 in Brazil during the U21 zone four tournament.

That was his fifth participation at the competition.

The native of cholliré weighs 85kg and is 1.95m talk.

Before engaging in to professional volleyball, the 2nd of a family of three children had been a household name in secondary school games.

He participated in two editions of Fenasco A games.

First in 2014 in Mbalmayo where he was champion with his college, lycée leclerc of Yaounde.

In 2015, Bambe was nominated best volleyball player of the Fenasco A games in Nkongsamba, though his school finished 5th overall.

He has also taken part in the national games of Cameroon dubbed Dixiades, two times.

From leclerc secondary school, he moved to collège adventise, where he obtained his Baccalaureate C.

Because of his talent, Bambe Ndanra Alfred Faisal has acquired several petit names from his entourage.

Family friends and relatives have Nicknamed him Dasilva while his teammates and management call him ” le joueur du blanc” translated the “white’s man player”.

The later was given to him following a visit of a Moroccan volleyball coach to Cameroon, who watched Bambe play and was impressed by the quality of his game.

Bambe Ndanra Alfred Faisal is a product of an ex volleyball lioness, Ambatta Carole who is presently the head coach of Efoulan volleyball club. she is assisted by Otto mbotto and Imele victor, the physical trainer of the selection.

The wish of Bambe is to proudly defend the national colors one day ,with the senior men’s volleyball national team.

A dream that seems closest.

Nkenyi Romeo

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