Badminton was first established in India in the 18th century. The game by then was known as “Poona”.

The pioneer people to practice the sport were British Army officers stationed stationed in the Asian country precisely in the 1860’s.

In 1873, the game was introduced in England by the milliary following their return to the country. The game became a success during the Duke of Beaufort party that year. It is at the occasion that the nomenclature is caption Badminton

This is because from the past years ,the game had been called Battledore or shuttlecock dating back to Ancient Greece and Egypt were signs and symptoms of the sport had existed before.

At the time two players hit a feathered shuttlecock back and forth with tiny rackets.

After India and later on England ,Badminton emerged to other parts of the world .Today speed badminton or speedminton a lately developed type of the game is popularly practiced in Germany.

Modern Badminton is played on court of 20 feet by 44.

The Terrain for the interesting Game

A game is won when one reaches 21 points first,after three rounds.

In case where the two players reach 20 each, a 2 point lead first will grant a win but in a situation where things are tied, they move up to 30 points.

At 29 all, a point lead first will lead to victory.

The BWF”Badminton world federation “is the international governing body of the game.

The body takes care of close to nine Badminton competitions organised across the world.

Badminton integrated the Olympic games in 1992.

The sport has produced a panoply of international excellent players with many from the Asian continent, where the game took its rise.
Some of them include; Indian Saina Nehwal, Prakash Padukone and Lin Dan from China.

Badminton is speedily growing in Africa. Many countries now own national federations and also compete in international competitions . The Cameroon Badminton federation is not left aside.

Nkenyi Romeo