Djoum,”the final pass” Sutchuin Arnaud raised his pass tally after he assisted the fist goal on Friday 1st 2019.It was a 38 minute superb pass that got Hearts one up against Kilmarnock, before Naismith made it 2-1.That 2-1 win puts Arnaud and co just 6 points adrift from a Euroupa league place.The 1.83 meters number 10 has seen chunks of his season plagued with injury worries.Coach Levein didn’t hide his emotions on the last one, as Djoum snapped his Achilles after running unchallenged, in their one all tie against Ross county in February, causing him to miss 195 days of action. Hardly do we see Africans putting the number 10 and playing the role out there in Europe, but Djoum Arnaud remains “king of the final third” for his team.Arnaud found national team football few and far between in 2018, but with him returning to full fitness, Seedorf might want to get some of that footballing I.Q, with his team finding it difficult to break down opponents.He’s 5th in Heart’s scoring chart.

Giovanni Wanneh