Since the beginning of the Anglophone crisis in the two English speaking regions of Camerooon,it is evident recruitment and retention of the best talents in the ranks of YOSA of Bamenda has been more challenging. The Northwest outfit is one of 3 elite clubs in the region affected by the Anglophone Crisis and week their head coach left after a very difficult experience.

The departure of long-serving coach Ndoumbe Bosso, against the wishes of the club’s management speaks volume of life around employees of the club in the last two years.

In an eventful week,Ndoumbe Bosso received the same kind of threats that were issued to the likes of Lionel Chijoke,Sanwo Ernest, Nfor Nelson and some former players of the club.

Ndoumbe Bosso was kidnapped in the early hours of Tuesday by armed gunmen in Bamenda and released hours later on the condition that he leaves the region within 48 hours according to the coach.

Sanwo Ernest and many other players have reportedly been on the redial of these kidnappers. The kidnappers have repeatedly echoed their disgust about the fact that these Football actors are participating in a National championships organized by a country they consider as an “enemy Country” (Cameroun) and want to secceed from.

Many of these footballers have flee the conflict zones to unknown destination. Ndoumbe Bosso as a very successful coach could have been released unharmed because probably because he has served the people of the Northwest for long and once brought joy to the football loving Region by winning the cup of Camerooon for the in 2013.

Ndoumbe Bosso left Northwest as he was ordered and two days after he signed for Cotonsport of Garoua but the management of YOSA have published a release telling the fans to calm down insisting Ndoumbe Bosso is still on contract with the club. His purported exit from the Region is one of many cases.

Ndoumbe who was once forced to answer multiple questions from the media about the dissapearance and threats on the lifes Lionel Chijoke,Sanwo Ernest and many other YOSA players that refuse moves to Region but he has now left the region like his players as the pro versus anti government arm clashes escalate in the Northwest and Southwest regions of Camerooon.

The second round of another Football season in the heart of the crisis begins this Sunday in grounds across the country with PWD playing in Yaounde while YOSA host Eding Sport FC but it’s clear that like the fleeing players the club’s may be going through very difficult times


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