Captain Lane of New Stars and Simo Berteau of Astres signing the protest before match Officials at the Middle Farms Stadium.

New Stars of Douala have raised have alarm of an alleged fraud case for an Astres player that could dramatically impact the final classification table of the 2019 Cameroon League 1 Relegation Playoffs table.

Astres Douala beat New Stars of Douala by 2 goals to nil at the Middle Farms Stadium to move to 10 points while PWD played a 1 all draw with USD to end the Playoffs with 7 points while New Stars finished with 4 points.

Unfortunately before the kick-off of Saturday’s derby pitting New Stars to Astre at the Middle farms Stadium,New Stars of Douala indicated a qualification protest against former AS Matelots player Toh Eric. According to our sources,New Stars of Douala wrote a protest against the above mentioned player with readiness to provide details to prove that, today’s Atoh Eric of Astres played for AS Matelots in the past as Toh Eric.

Our Administrators informed us of the case,we indicated the protest before kick-off not minding whether we win or lose,it’s just part of the game,we have a strong case but let administration comment more on this,it is not my place to explain details,we may not stay in the division if the ruling gives us 3 points but it’s part of the game;”
New Stars captain Lane Lakem Ronald told after the game.

Captain Lane of New Stars and Simo Berteau of Astres signing the protest before match Officials at the Middle Farms Stadium.

New Stars of Douala will now place their attention towards ensuring that they provide evidence to back their allegations.

Astres defeated New Stars by 2 goals to nil on the day but New Stars and Astres may have a rematch off the pitch whenever the right quarters summon them.

Current New Stars president Faustin Domkeu was once a very important part of AS Matelots and it may appear the player played for Matelots in his era as club boss, thus making this a very serious allegation for one to watch out for.

If New Stars go ahead to prove their allegation of double identity for the player,the player may be hit by a 2 year ban from Football plus Astres loss all the points on offer against New Stars if the Homologation and Discipline Commission (HDC) gather that Astres aided the process of the illegal change of identity.

In the above scenario Astres who unofficially have 10 points will drop to 7 points and New Stars’ current 4 points will increase to 7 points if they win the protest thus placing Astres,New Stars and PWD of Bamenda on 7 points.

In this scenario article 9 of the rules of the playoffs on tie breakers will be employed.That is the 3 clubs(Astres,New Stars and PWD) on 7 points will be sub-classified per the number of points fetch amongst just themselves.

4 points for PWD for a draw against Astres and a victory over New Stars,3 points for New Stars and a point for Astres.

From the bottom Unisport,Astres,New Stars will occupy the last three positions in that order thus keeping PWD around for next season’s Cameroon League 1 competition.

There is anxiety and nervousness in the air as fans wait for the final Official Classification table of the season. The laws provides for a sitting of this commission 24 hours after the match day,but it’s unclear how long this may take given that it’s the last HDC decision of the season and some cases like that of Atoh Eric.

Angu Lesley
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